European BEST Engineering Competition 2019

13 - 15 December

Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning

See you again next year!

See you again next year!

Hello there, technical student! Are you ready for a unique challenge?

BEST Cluj-Napoca is preparing for you and your fellow UTCN students the 12th edition of EBEC, which will take place between 12-15 December 2019. Our competition calls you into the challenge of proving the specific qualities of an Ideal Engineer, like Imagination, Ingenuity and Creativity.

What is EBEC?

EBEC, “European BEST Engineering Competition”, is a team-based, free competition in which students from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca can test their creativity and ingeniosity. By gathering over 5000 students from universities all over Europe, on a mission to learn and improve their skills with the help of big companies, the event captures perfectly BEST spirit.

The competition has a piramidal structure, strarting with Local Rounds of EBEC organized in Europe. The winning teams from Local Rounds progress to National/Regional Rounds and the winners from these stages are going to be competing in the Final Round of EBEC, in Warsaw, Poland.


EBEC offers two types of competitions

Case Study

You are given a real life problem in a context specified at the beginning of the competition and, looking at everything through an engineer's point of view, you have to find the most suitable solution. The task chosen is a hypothetical situation inspired by problems we could encounter in our day to day life. This way, the ideas that are presented as potential solutions must have an applicability in the world surrounding us.

     What will you win from this?

  • an overview of the whole situation when solving a problem
  • creativity in finding solutions
  • experience in presenting your ideas in front of other people

Team Design

The challenge for this category consists in building a mechanism which, according to the requirements announced at the beginning of the task, will have to have a specific form and function. The materials needed for building such a mechanism are offered by us, leaving the assembly and the working methods up to the team members.

What will you win from this?

  • new skills in the field of practical engineering
  • a better vision in space
  • good team organizing in a limited time


Ioana Șerban

BEST Representative

Toader Serețean

Emerson Representative

Madeline Neu

Emerson Representative

Răsvan Manea

BEST Representative

Radu Hulea

UTCN Representative

Iustin Ivanciu

UTCN Representative

Anca Miron

UTCN Representative

Cristina Stanciu

ASTA Representative

Radu Marțis

UTCN Representative

Monica Caito

Emerson Representative

Cezar Vasiliu

BEST Representative

Octavian Coca

BEST Representative

Alexandra Suteu

Betfair Representative


  1. If you want to participate in the competition you have to be student at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

  2. Participation is done in groups of four students or individually.

  3. Each team is limited to choosing only ONE of the two categories (Team Design and Case Study).

  4. The thematic of the tasks is proposed either by the companies that are our partners, or BEST Cluj-Napoca. The competition that is absolutely mandatory is the one organised by BEST Cluj-Napoca, but each of the tasks will affect the final result which establishes the winning team.

  5. The team which accumulates the highest score after both competitions from the section they participate in will qualify to the Regional Round of the competition, which will also take place in Cluj-Napoca this year.



Media Partners

Educational Partners

Food Partners


You’re still not sure that EBEC is for you? Here are some extra points to help you decide:

  • the prizes offered - which will remain a surprise until the end of the competition - but we assure you, they are worth it
  • the continuity of EBEC - if you win, you’ll have the chance to visit really cool places and also meet students from other European countries
  • the experience itself and the diversity it brings through topics, people and working methods
  • there will be company representatives present with the desire to recruit young people for their company
  • all of it is FREE and even if you won’t take the prizes home, you’ll gather experience and amazing memories



BEST, “Board of European Students of Technology”, is an European non-profit, student organisation. You can find Local BEST Groups in 34 countries, with over 3300 active members.

BEST promotes the idea of empowering diversity, by encouraging it's members to reach a better understanding of European cultures and develop capacities to work on an international basis. Furthermore, our mission is to develop students. We offer a full spectrum of opportunities, from cultural exchanges and summer courses to engineering competitions and career fairs. Also, our priority is to offer high quality services for students all over Europe. Thus, we manage to bring all the partners in the "student - company - university" triangle closer. 

More important, the inspiration for all our actions is BEST spirit, which we try to nurture in all our members. Friendship, flexibility, fun, improvement and learning are the key-words used to describe BEST spirit.

Local BEST Group Cluj-Napoca has its volunteers mostly from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. We are a group of enthusiastic young people, with a daring vision and motivation to learn all about teamwork, project management or the development of skills that are complementary to those already taught in university.


Fecior Flavius

EBEC 2019 Coordinator

phone:  +40 744 281 891

Constandachi Monica-Elena

President of BEST Cluj-Napoca

phone: +40 760 702 009

Address: Constantin Daicoviciu Street No 15, Floor 7, Room 708, 400020 Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA

Phone:   +40 264 401362



Fecior Flavius

Main Organiser


Rus Gabriela

FR Responsible


Todoruț Adela

PR Responsible


Bejenariu Adina

PAX Responsible


Pavăl Daniel

IT Responsible


Săsăran Cora

Design Responsible


Buric Roxana

Competitions + GC


Mașniță Valentina

Logistics Responsible


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