European BEST Engineering Competition 2019
12 - 15 Decembrie

"Design the future. Today"

Greetings, future engineer!

BEST Cluj-Napoca is organising this year, exclusively for you and your fellow UTCN students, the 11th edition of EBEC, which will take place between 13-16 December.
Our competition calls you into the challenge of proving the specific qualities of an Ideal Engineer, like Imagination, Ingenuity and Creativity.

An engineer's charm is not limited to complicated equations or impossible problems; it's all about the Idea that inspires curious engineers to start working.
For this reason, EBEC is the competition where you won't need specialty courses, nor weeks of training; instead, you are expected to bring an open mind, the energy
to bring your ideas to life and, above all, people to share these things with - your TEAM!

Local BEST Group Cluj-Napoca is a student organisation, whose volunteers are mostly part of the Technical University of        Cluj-Napoca. They're a group of enthusiastic young people, with a daring vision and motivation to learn all about teamwork, project management or the development of skills that are complementary to those already taught in university. 

Empower diversity 

People, in general, respect and try to understand different cultures and societies. An environment which encourages diversity motivates us to work at our full potential and to take responsibility for our ideas.

Developing students

BEST encourages students to open up towards diversity and to work in a multicultural environment. We create opportunities of personal development, as well as offer the possibility of manifesting the desire of getting involved in the community. The purpose of our organisation if to promote diversity and to help European technical students to acquire an international mindset, by improving the understanding of different European cultures. We also offer the possibility of working in a global environment, as well as the possibility of accumulating technical skills related to a future engineering/entrepreneur career.

BEST Cluj-Napoca, among the other 96 Local BEST Groups in Europe, manages to bring together students at several events, such as season courses, career fair JobShop, EBEC, BTW (BEST Training Week), BLR (BattleLabRobotica). Therefore, we offer young people the opportunity to travel, to create new connections with people all over Europe, to complete their education through trainings and engineering competitions, but also to develop their personal and social skills.

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EBEC oferă două categorii de concurs:


You are given a real life problem in a context specified at the beginning of the competition and, looking at everything through an engineer's point of view, you have to find the most suitable solution. The task chosen is a hypothetical situation inspired by problems we could encounter in our day to day life. This way, the ideas that are presented as potential solutions must have an applicability in the world surrounding us. 

What will you win from this?

- an overview of the whole situation when solving a problem

- creativity in finding solutions

- experience in presenting your ideas in front of other people

Team Design

The challenge for this category consists in building a mechanism which, according to the requirements announced at the beginning of the task, will have to have
a specific form and function. The materials needed for building such a mechanism are offered by us, leaving the assembly and the working methods up to the team members

What will you win from this?

- new skills in the field of practical engineering

- a better vision in space

- good team organizing in a limited time


Iustin Ivanciu - ETTI UTCN

Alexandru Bodea - BEST

Claudia Vaidos & Mihaela Crișan - Betfair

Reprezentative - Bosch

Reprezentative - Accenture

Still not convinced?

Here are other reasons:

- presence of company representatives in the jury of the competition; this way, your abilities will be evaluated by a person who already experienced the engineering environment

- the prizes offered - which will remain a surprise until the end of the competition

- the word FREE, placed in front of food, EBEC t-shirt and the competition itself

- the continuity of EBEC - this is the local phase, followed by a regional phase and ending with the final, european phase

- interdisciplinary competition - you can sign up with students from your own faculty and from others from TUCN as well

- the experience itself and the diversity it brings through topics, people and working methods

Here you can find some rules about signing up and the contest itself.

1. Participation to the event is only done in groups of four students attending the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

2 .Each team is limited to choosing only ONE of the two categories (Team Design and Case Study).

3. The thematic of the tasks is proposed either by the companies that are our partners, or BEST Cluj-Napoca. The competition that is absolutely mandatory is the one organised by BEST Cluj-Napoca, but each of the tasks will affect the final result which establishes the winning team.

4. The team which accumulates the highest score after both competitions from the section they participate in will qualify to the Regional Round of the competition, which will take place in Bucharest.

Șerban Ioana

Main Organiser

Marcu Bogdan

Responsabil FR

Uifăleanu Adina

Responsabil PR

Jurj Alexandru

Responsabil IT

    Cioflica Daiana 

Responsabil Design

Coca Octavian

Competiții +GC

Șerban Ioana

Organizator EBEC 2018

tel.  +40 730 067 872

Amănăloie Mălina

Președinte BEST Cluj-Napoca

tel. +40 756 378 319

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