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BEST - Board of European Students of Technology

Local BEST Cluj-Napoca group consists of volunteers from Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, a groupof enthusiastic teenagers with bold visions , extremely motivated to learn what teamwork means, themanagement of a project or developing of some abilities complementary to the academic studies, abilitieswhich will help us in all that means post-academic life.


We value the diversity

People respect and try to understand different cultures and societies. An environment which encouragesthe diversity motivates you to work at full potential and it learns you to take the responsabilityof your own actions.


Developing students

BEST encourages the students to be opened towards diversity and the work in a multicultural environment,creates personal development oportunities, it offers the posibility of manifestation and materializationof the desire of envolvement within the community.

We also offer the posibility to work in a global environment , but alsoto acquire technical abilities usefull in the future engeneer or entrepreneur career.

BEST Cluj-Napoca, besides of the 96 local groups spread through all the Europeit manages to reunite students to various events , like the courses, the Career Event JobShop®, EBEC, BTW (Best Training Week) or BLR (BattleLab Robotica).Hence, we offer to teenagers the posibility of travelling, to create new bonds with whom they have thesame concerns, to complete their education through trainings and engeneering contests, but also to develop theirpersonal and social skills. The purpose of the organisation is to promote the diversity and to help european students of technology toacquire an international way of thinking, through the better understanding of the european culture.

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