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European BEST Engineering Competition

11th-12th of December 2021

Online Competition

Welcome, curious pals! BEST Cluj-Napoca is glad to introduce you to the 15th edition of EBEC, which will take place online, during the 11th and 12th of December 2021.
The competition is back, in digital form once more. It calls all technical students of Cluj-Napoca for a chance to challenge thier potential and test their engineering skills. Ingenuity, creativity, problem solving skills. We know you've got them.

About EBEC

EBEC - European BEST Engineering Competition - is a team-based competition which offers the students of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca a chance to test their creativity and ingenuity within a challenge. The event perfectly captures the spirit of our organization, annually gathering technical universities from all over Europe, companies and over 5000 students.
The competition has a pyramidal structure, having Local Rounds in over 83 european cities. The winners of these Local Rounds for each category will qualify for the Regional Rounds and later on, the Final Round. Note that EBEC is totally free and accessible to all technical students of Cluj-Napoca.
The event's mission is to develop the participating teams, formed out of 4 students, giving them a space in which they face various engineering challenges. Moreover, the participants get the chance of their CV being viewed by our partner companies.
The values that guide the organizing team onto concieving a high-quality event are: professionalism - the image we have in the eyes of our stakeholders, transparency - accessibility to information and efficient communication, innovation - adaptabilty and interesting challenges and topics.